Marine Construction
We focus on the individual building needs of each customer. From large commercial marinas to residential docks, our knowledgeable staff will work with you to design, build and install the project of your dreams.

As Vancouver Islands, most diverse marine contractors, we offer a broad range of marine construction services including seawalls, retaining walls, dredging; marina’s, boardwalks, salvage, general marine towing and design build projects.

Pile Driving
Our crew has years of pile driving experience and our barge mounted cranes allow for mobile marine pile driving services as well as the ability to work from land or water. We have the ability to install timber foundation piles, steel pipe piles and steel sheet piles as well as pile extraction and drilling. We offer our services to private property owners and to commercial or public enterprises and have a large amount of equipment for any size of pile driving project.

Bridges & Structures
We work co-operatively with engineers and pride ourselves on having an excellent relationship with bridge and structure experts in our industry so that we may provide you with a safe, secure design. We have the capacity to complete a multitude of projects from small private bridges to larger highway bridges as well as temporary bridge rentals and installation.

Our approach to civil and marine isn’t the only thing that sets us apart from our competition. We explore every possible option and solution to find what’s best for you; whether it’s a bridge, dam, jetty, port, outfall, seawall or wharf. With a large fleet of civil equipment and trained people, plus a good working relationship with engineers, it’s no wonder we are the top choice.

Welding Services & Manufacturing
Heavy Metal Marine Ltd. is a CWB certified shop with certified journeyman welder/fabricators. We manufacture custom designs for many different projects. Our team can weld anything that is weld-able, including stainless steel, aluminum, magnesium alloys, plastics, cast iron, etc. Processes used are GMAW, SMAW, & FCAW using TIG, MIG, ARC welding, brazing, silver soldering. Our welding shop is equipped for large or small fabrications with an 8000 sq/ft welding shop and a waterfront yard with barge loading capacity that gives us shipping options that most other yards can’t offer.

Our shop is equipped with a plasma plate burning table and punches, shears and metal brakes. We have full machining capability with large and small lathes, milling machines, threaders and a 100 ton press.

We specialize in medium/heavy fabrication for structures and equipment used in the marine industry. If you are in need of the best, most-rugged, custom marine fabrication products, you came to the right place. All of our products undergo significant scrutiny during all stages of the production cycle and our marine facility is capable of loading barges and launching larger floating structures.

Marine Floatation - DuraFloat
    Excellent buoyancy performance for floating docks
    Lightweight extruded polystyrene
    Long-life span
    Low moisture absorption
    Billets can be built in any size
    Billets are tested and are backed by a 5 year warranty
    Billets meet all government requirements

DuraFloat floatation foam is an extruded polystyrene insulation encased with plastic; it can be used for floating docks, boathouses, floating structures and more. DuraFloat billets are most commonly used for docks, rafts, and boathouses. DuraFloat billets are made from Styrofoam consisting of millions of tiny closed-cell air bubbles leading to extreme buoyancy. It also means that a DuraFloat billet cannot become water-logged. 
DuraFloat is noted for its water repellency, high compressive strength, and superior insulation value.

Encapsulating the floatation eliminates foam breakdown (little white beads and flakes of foam floating in the water). The heavy duty tough plastic encapsulation ensures dependability and durability and inhibits the absorption of gas, oil and other contaminants in the water. As well, it prevents marine life (muscles, barnacles, otters etc.) from attaching to or nesting in the foam wherein loss of buoyancy occurs.

DuraFloat billets are lightweight and easy to install, so structures can be built quickly and efficiently. It takes only one cubic foot of DuraFloat billets to float 55 pounds in freshwater and 63 pounds in saltwater.