Marine Construction
Heavy Metal Marine focuses on the individual needs of each customer. From industrial terminals and ports to commercial marinas to residential docks, our knowledgeable staff will work with you to design, build and install the project of your dreams. We have decades of experience working in all marine conditions along the British Columbian coast, from the extremely remote islands and inlets to densely populated metro harbours, and knowledge to overcome the varying weather, significant logistical challenges and regulatory requirements each presents.

Our qualified workforce, with the assistance of our construction management teams, have the knowledge and experience to overcome any challenge marine construction presents. From difficulties with weather and tidal changes to the coordination with other marine traffic users, Heavy Metal has the capability to mitigate any risk, ensuring we delivery a quality project time and time again.
As British Columbia’s most diverse marine contractors, we offer a broad range of marine construction services from pier, wharf and dock construction and rehabilitation; terminal, berth, and ramp construction; trestles, seawalls and breakwaters; marinas; marine towing; dredging and marine vessel salvage.

Foundations, Pile Driving & Drilling
Heavy Metal offers a variety of foundation and ground improvement services. With an extensive fleet of pile driving and drilling equipment, coupled with experienced crew of trained journeyman, Heavy Metal can work through challenging demands to deliver innovative, high-quality foundation and pile driving solutions.

We have a wide range of crawler cranes, hydraulic drill rigs, micro-pile drill rigs, down-the-hole hammer (DTH) drill systems, vibratory hammers, diesel hammers, drop hammers, oscillators, casing rotators, temporary casing systems, spherical grabs, hammer grabs, and air lift systems to meet your needs.

With customers ranging from private developers to commercial and industrial infrastructure, Heavy Metal can provide the specialized equipment and expertise to get the job done. Our barge mounted cranes allow us to offer mobile marine foundation and pile driving services, with the ability to work from land or water. We balance the needs of the client and project to ensure that all stakeholder interests are met for total project success.

Bridges & Structures
Over the last decade, Heavy Metal has built an excellent reputation across British Columbia on our reliable design, supply and installation of bridges and structures. Our experience in the industry has built strong relationships with customers, engineering design consultants, and bridge suppliers to ensure a dependable, streamlined project and the highest quality deliverable. We offer construction, design-build, and project management services for all forms of bridges, from construction of highway bridges, resource bridges, rail trestles, private sector bridges and pedestrian bridges; damaged bridge and trestle removals; superstructure and substructure repairs; and temporary bridge structure rentals and installations. We are experienced in the construction of steel, concrete, and timber structures, and can self perform all deep foundation and earthwork scopes, including steel pile tower installation.

Our customers include a range of public agencies, including municipal, provincial and federal, developers and private resource companies. Heavy Metal has worked across the province on structure installations, with the majority structure projects have been undertaken in remote, environmentally sensitive areas – a challenge Heavy Metal can easily overcome with our marine fleet.

With our company history and qualified experience in structure installations of various sizes and requirements, we can meet your project needs no matter what they be. Our capability to self perform the entire project scope provides a complete and efficient package to our customers. Our resource capacity and qualified crew ensure we can provide our services on short notice, if required.

We complete every undertaking using the most economical, safe, and environmentally responsible methods available for the task. We take pride in delivering projects on schedule and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Heavy Civil
Our approach to civil and marine isn’t the only thing that sets us apart from our competition. We explore every possible option and solution to find what’s best for you. Heavy Metal Marine has vast experience in heavy civil construction, both on land and from water. Our services range from the construction of marine terminals, jetties, and seawalls to highway bridges, retaining walls, and deep foundations. With a large fleet of civil equipment and trained personnel, plus a good working relationship with design engineers, it’s no wonder we are the top choice.

Our company motto is “if you dream it, we can build it”, and that starts at the conceptual phase of a project. Heavy Metal works closely with our customers and design engineers from the onset of a project to be your one source to efficiently create and construct the structure of your dreams.

Using our knowledge of the industry, we work with all stakeholders to ensure they are getting the most practical design for their needs. By involving us from the onset, we can provide knowledgeable input with regards to constructability and improved product performance ensure all stakeholders get the best value for their money.

Our construction management team has extensive design-build experience, ranging from major terminal constructions to new bridge crossings. The success of these projects has proven our strong working relationships with engineers and suppliers, building the foundation towards efficient constructability and the improved performance of the deliverable. By diligently managing resources and working closely with the design engineers from the onset of a project, our qualified construction management team ensures we see the project through to a successful completion.

Some of our design-build services include:
  • Project design (new installation and rehabilitation), including port and barge terminals, ramps, docks, marinas, and bridge crossings
  • Design-build falsework for marine systems
  • Temporary access, including work platforms and detour bridges
  • Shoring and cofferdam systems
  • Lift plans, including marine vessel salvage, bridge launches and steel pile installations
  • Steel fabrication
  • Value-added engineering

Marine Floatation Billets
We are the first choice in British Columbia to fabricate wholesale DuraFloat billets. The advantages of our billets include:
  • Excellent buoyancy performance for floating docks
  • Lightweight extruded polystyrene
  • Long-life span
  • Low moisture absorption
  • Custom sizes available upon request
  • Billets meet all government requirements
DuraFloat floatation foam is an extruded polystyrene insulation encased with plastic; it can be used for floating docks, boathouses, floating structures and more. DuraFloat billets are made from Styrofoam consisting of millions of tiny closed-cell air bubbles leading to extreme buoyancy. DuraFloat is noted for its water repellency, high compressive strength, and superior insulation value.

Encapsulating the floatation eliminates foam breakdown (little white beads and flakes of foam floating in the water). The heavy-duty tough plastic encapsulation ensures dependability and durability and inhibits the absorption of gas, oil and other contaminants in the water. As well, it prevents marine life from attaching to or nesting in the foam wherein loss of buoyancy occurs.

DuraFloat billets are lightweight and easy to install, so structures can be built quickly and efficiently. It takes only one cubic foot of DuraFloat billets to float 55 pounds in freshwater and 63 pounds in saltwater.